Cover: Greenstone

  1. Red Pine Reel - A tune inspired by the Northwoods I livein and love.
  2. Kelly's Lament - We lost a very sweet Siberian Husky in teh winter of 1999. This song is a tribute to her spirit.
  3. Durisdeer - In the Scot's Gaelic "Duris" means door or opening and "Deer" means forest, this opening into the forest.
  4. Castle Danger - No one seems to know where this unusual name of the place on the North Shore comes from. However, thie name has always intrigued me.
  5. Slockit Light - Slockit means a light that has gone out. This tune was written by Tom Anderson, a fiddler from the Shetland Islands. I feel a connection with the Shetland Islands and the song because my great grandmother was born there.
  6. Monaghan's Jig- I learned this tune at Janet Jarbison's harp retreat in GlenColumcille, Donegal. My idea of nirvana-Harping, hiking and reat company.
  1. Balinderry - A lament for a dead lover. the chorus incorporates the repetition of the word "Ochon" repeatedly. This was associated with the tradition of keening.
  2. Langeberglattten - This traditional Norwegian tune describes an attempt of a huldre to entice people out of church by playing on her langeleik. The huldre is a beautiful forest maiden. She is a part of the "underground folk" in Norse mythology distinguished by a cow's tail trailing behind her.
  3. Carolan's Farewell - The last piece composed by the famous harper Turlough O'Carolan. He called for his harp, played this tune and died soon thereafter.
  4. Cockle Gatherer/Glenlivet - Two Scottish reels. The first tune is about gathering food from the seashore. The second-single malt scotch whiskey.
  5. Coilsfield House - A fiddle tune by the well known Scottish fiddler, Nathaniel Gow.
  6. Crossing to Ireland/Rights of Man/Butterfly -Three traditional Irish dance tunes that are some of my favorites.
  7. The Stone Wife -  An unusual title for a lovely Scottish Aire.
  8. Oletjedislaten - This Norwegian tune imitates the ringing of church bells to help summon a lost boy who may have been taken by the Huldre.
  9. Anach Cuan - A traditional Irish Aire lamenting the drowning of a boat full of wedding guests, on a beautiful dayin full view of the rest of the weddidng party.
  10. Greenstone - A semi-precious stone found principaly on Isle Royale in Lake Superior.